Things You Must Know Before Installing a Rain Shower Head in Malaysian Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of every home. It is where we cool down, take our bath, and relax. If your bathroom is elegant and modern, you are going to feel amazing each time you are taking a bath.

One way you can take your bathing experience from good to great and make your bathroom look luxurious is by installing a rain shower head.

Before making elaborate plans to upgrade the bathroom shower to a rain shower head, there a few things you must know.

Ceiling mounted rain shower head isn’t for every bathroom

Most high-end hotels in Malaysia are usually fitted with ceiling mounted rain shower. Truth be told, bathing in them feels amazing.

That said, installing a large ceiling mounted rain shower in your bathroom may not be a good idea, except your bathroom is large, spacious, and modern.

People with a small bathroom should opt for a small rain shower head that won’t spray water on their bathroom walls.

Keep in mind that the cost of installing a ceiling mounted rain shower head is higher, especially when compared to hand held and wall mounted shower heads.

Size, shape, type, and color

While you have the freedom to install basically any type of rain shower head in your bathroom, it is wise that you consider the décor and size of your bathroom before making a final decision.

The truth is that not every rain shower head will look great in your bathroom.

You are never going to regret buying a rain shower head that complements the décor of your bathroom.

In many shops that sell bathroom accessories in Malaysia, you will find rain shower heads of different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Rain shower head won’t improve your water pressure

It is easy to assume that rain shower head is an all in one solution. But the truth is that it is not. A rain shower head may not be able to improve your bathing experience if your water pressure is low.

The job of a rain shower head is to allow more water gets to your body. A rain shower head usually has a larger area of flow than traditional shower heads.

Check that they come with the right fittings

 Since you are not a professional plumber, you may not be able to tell if a rain shower head comes with all the fittings you will need to install it in your bathroom.

To ensure that you purchase a shower head that comes with all the fittings you need to install it, you should seek the help of a plumber. He or she will be able to tell if a rain shower head contains all the fittings you will need to install it.

Final note

Finding a high-quality rain shower for your bathroom is by no means an easy task.

With so many things to consider, it will be somewhat challenging to make a final decision. Employing the help of a professional plumber will go a long way in helping you narrow down the best rain shower head for your bathroom.

Regardless of the type of rain shower head you plan to buy, it is wise to inspect the fittings that come with it before making a purchase.

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