Mandatory Business Insurance Covers for Businesses in Singapore

When a business opens its doors to serve customers, whether it sells products or provides services, it is taking risks. There is the possibility of a customer reacting to the product or being dissatisfied with a service, enough to sue you for it. Workers’ on the business premises could get injured at any time while performing their duties and will need medical attention as a bare minimum. The risk could be worse if the injuries are so severe that workers opt to sue for compensation. Lawsuits are an expense that every company can do without, yet they are so costly that not taking insurance is not an option. In Singapore, businesses are required to have commercial motor insurance and work injury compensation coverage. 

In the following article by aspire, the article discusses the importance and cost of business insurance.

How do Insurance Companies Calculate the Cost of Business Insurance?

Running a business is, in equal parts, exciting and challenging. There’s no denying that it’s a task fraught with as many risks as opportunities. Think about a fire destroying a retail store, an employee meeting with an accident while travelling for work, or a lawsuit threatening a business’ existence. Without the right insurance policy, such situations can cause unimaginable hardship to everyone involved.

So, instead of exposing your business to risk, it is wise to get started with understanding the basics of business insurance and following it up with investing in the right coverage. Read more here

Cost of insurance is a concern shared by small business owners. The mandatory covers make the situation more challenging for businesses without sufficient cash flow. Even large corporations have a difficult time setting aside funds to meet their insurance needs. However, understanding how insurance companies determine the cost will help businesses understand why they pay the premiums that they do. Insurers look at the size and nature of the business, and the type of cover needed. Before settling for a specific insurer, compare the rates from various companies and choose one that works best for your business. However, business owners need to be wary about choosing a company based on the price of insurance only because low premiums often translate to low compensation. 

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How Businesses Benefit from Business Insurance

“In many cases, when running your business, you are highly likely to face a considerable number of risks. Maybe it is the case in which your inventory gets destroyed by fire, or one of your employees gets injured while working. With the protection of insurance, you can minimize the cost when these risks unpredictably happen.

In this blog, let’s go through some of the main types of business insurance in Singapore that your company needs and dive into how they work.” Read more here

When entrepreneurs use their life savings or seek financing for their startups, they do so with optimism, hoping that the business will thrive. Unfortunately, they also know that they are taking a risk. They know the business may make profits or incur losses. Taking business insurance also involves some level of risk. Paying insurance premiums may seem like a waste of money when the business doesn’t face any disaster. However, since the future is unpredictable, you never know when the coverage will save the day. Mandatory insurance covers can feel like a noose on a business, but when employees are more confident working in a business with coverage because they have employment and financial security. 

Randa Kriss, in her article on, gives guidance on steps businesses need to take when seeking insurance. 

Why Risk Assessment is Critical When Purchasing Business Insurance

“Whether you’re the owner of a brick-and-mortar shop or an online-based contractor, finding and buying the right small business insurance is essential to protecting your operations from the unexpected. However, with all of the different types of insurance out there, as well as providers to choose from, you might be wondering exactly how to get business insurance.” Read more here

Given the array of business insurance policies and the range in pricing, it can be a little difficult for small business to determine which policy is most critical, especially when the company’s budget can only accommodate limited coverage. Since insurance is a safeguard against risks, it makes sense to carry out a risk assessment to classify the level of risk and invest accordingly. For example, a manufacturing business carries greater risks than a home-based e-commerce company. Both may be small businesses and may even be the same age, but one carries greater risks and may need more coverage. 

Business insurance is sometimes unavoidable, especially if it is mandatory. It is risky to run a business blindly, with no idea what you would do when things go wrong. Having no business insurance is like driving a car without insurance. An accident could occur, or you may be sued for negligence. The risk level increases as the business grows, and without the right safeguard, some events can cripple a business, enough for it to close. Keep your policies updated, depending on the changes in your business to prevent out of pocket payments because of insufficient coverage. 

Choosing the Best Business Insurance for Your Business

Although choosing the best policies for your business may seem like one of the greatest hurdles when seeking commercial insurance, picking the insurance company to use might be equally challenging. For some business owners, the price of the coverage is the primary consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only one, since a lower price could easily mean less coverage. You also need to look at the insurance company’s financial strength, because an insurer that takes too long to process the payment because they cannot afford the compensation is detrimental to your business. Additionally, you need to look at the company’s history of meeting its obligations. 

In the following article, Lance Teo discusses some of the best business insurance companies, including their strengths. 

Signs an Insurance Company is Best Suited for Your Business

“Are you looking for ways to protect the interests and assets of your business? If so, we strongly recommend getting your hands on the best business insurance in Singapore, as it’s a good place to start.

If you’re clueless as to where to avail of the best business insurance in Singapore, though, we have you covered. We looked all over the island in search of the best business insurance in Singapore that all business owners should check out.” Read more here

When looking for insurance for your business, you are likely to interact with various agents who serve as intermediaries between customers and insurance companies. Sometimes, these agents represent multiple companies and are in a great position to determine the company that is best suited for your business interest. Some companies have been in existence for decades and are well-known for some of the business policies. Others are only a few years old but have a great rapport with its customers, so they have great reviews as well. A responsive insurer is an asset for any business, so this should be one of the signs you look out for when selecting an insurance company that you intend to entrust your business interests. 

Gregory Boop, in the next article, gives tips on what to expect from your insurer and the steps you should follow when buying commercial insurance. 

A Guide for Buying Commercial Insurance 

“Business insurance is a broad category of insurance coverages designed for businesses. It is also called commercial insurance. Businesses buy insurance to protect themselves against financial losses resulting from lawsuits or physical damage to company-owned property. A business that has no insurance may be unable to continue operating after a loss occurs. Business insurance protects your company from losses that could significantly impact your operations.” Read more here

Before buying commercial insurance, you need to be aware of the various policies and find out what your business needs. It would help if you also had a detailed description of your business operations to help you and your potential insurer to provide the best coverage for your business. Remember, you know your business intimately, and an insurer will rely mostly on the information you provide when customizing a policy for your business. After purchasing insurance, you must take time to review your business occasionally and determine if the policy you have in place is still viable or if you need to expand it to accommodate the changes in your business. 

The following article by Symboinsurance on discusses commercial insurance for businesses in Singapore, including the most common and essential policies. 

Common Insurance Policies for Businesses in Singapore

“This guide was written jointly with experts from Symbo — a digital broker that helps you find and buy the insurance plan that suits your particular needs seamlessly

Running a business is fraught with many risks. Think about a fire destroying a retail store, an employee getting in a car crash while travelling for work, or a lawsuit threatening a business’ very existence. You can’t guarantee that none of this happens to you, but you can minimize the damage. How? With the right insurance policy.” Read more here

While insurance policies are quite specific based on the events or situations they cover, some policies are common in all businesses, irrespective of the sector in which a business operates. Some of the common insurance coverages include property, liability, workers’ health and compensation, as well as business interruption. Most insurance companies are flexible when it comes to customizing or altering existing policies to make the coverage more suitable for businesses. 

The choice of an insurance company for your business is an important decision, almost as important as the policy you choose. The company you select may very well be responsible for the survival of your business should you need help in the event your business is threatened with financial loss or suffers a major catastrophe that might set you back a few years if you don’t receive compensation. 

Advantages of Business Insurance Package Policies for SMEs

Some insurance companies in Singapore opt to offer small, and medium-sized businesses packaged insurance. There are many reasons for this, including lower premium offers for packages, which ultimately cost less than individual policies. This is one-way insurance companies lure small and medium-size businesses that do not have much money to spare for insurance. Most commercial insurance packages attract low premiums, and so are a more attractive option compared to individual policies. Insurance companies can afford to offer such packages because SMEs don’t have as much liability as huge corporations. Often, insurers tailor the commercial packages depending on the business. 

Rob Starr, in his article on, discusses some of the insurance policies critical in small businesses. These are some of the coverages that insurers include in commercial insurance packages. 

Essential Business Insurance Policies Included in Packages

“Getting the right kind of business insurance is important. It can help you to safeguard against a drop in sales, natural disasters and even unforeseen crises. Small Business Trends contacted Keith Moore of CyberPolicy to find out the types of business insurance your operation needs. Having the right type of insurance coverage is just as important as the goods and services you sell. He told us what’s important to get. Choosing the right type of insurance requires knowing exactly what you need.” Read more here

When customizing commercial insurance packages for small and medium-sized businesses, insurance companies consider the most critical areas that require insurance. After all, these businesses carry minimal risk. However, the level of risk is irrelevant because an uninsured small business can be destroyed without a commercial package that at least covers general liability and business property. 

In the following article, Mariel Loveland analyzes the various risks a small establishment faces as soon as it opens its doors, and the essential insurance policies to cushion such businesses should disaster strike. 

What Policies Should be Included in a Comprehensive Insurance Cover for Small Businesses?

“The second a small business opens, there’s the risk. Business owners have a certain responsibility to their consumers, employees and the world around them that puts them at risk every single day if something goes wrong, and let’s be honest: Things do go wrong. That’s just life, but that’s also why we have business insurance.

A comprehensive business-insurance plan can protect you against the liabilities that lead to financial ruin, but there are so many different types of insurance that it’s often hard to choose what’s necessary.” Read more here

Choosing policies to include in a comprehensive commercial insurance package can be overwhelming, especially for business owners doing this for the first time. How do you decide which policies are vital, and which ones are not, at least when you first set up your business? Some insurance companies have a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) that covers issues like business interruption insurance, commercial auto cover, liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and property insurance. Having every aspect of insurance under one cover makes it easier for business owners to understand the insurance package they have in place for their business. 

The following article by Patrick Chen looks at the core and additional policies small businesses need to protect against business risks.  

The Core Aspects of a Small Business’ Insurance Cover

“Business Insurance helps protect your business from financial losses caused by unexpected events. Since every business is unique, each business will have different insurance needs. In this guide, we cover the most common types of business insurance.

Most business insurance is optional, so purchasing insurance is a business decision that can help reduce the risk of financial ruin in your business when an accident or disaster occurs. Some coverages, like workers’ compensation, are mandatory coverages in most states for businesses with employees.” Read more here

Although businesses sell different products and provide different services, the risks they face are similar. This is why insurance companies can afford to offer the same commercial package to small businesses in different sectors of the economy. However, the policies in the package can be changed to accommodate the specific aspects of each business. For example, should there be an earthquake or fire, the companies in a given area are likely to suffer property damage, bodily injuries, and loss of income. Small businesses that can afford to take additional cover do so to reduce the possibility of incurring further unnecessary losses.

If you are a small business owner in Singapore and is looking for business insurance, find out more information here.

Fortunately, as businesses grow and the revenue increases, business owners can revisit the policies they took out to protect the business. Companies that grew to become big corporations no longer have the same commercial insurance packages they had when they were small because now the risks are larger. So, business owners need to take the time to assess their insurance policies to determine their viability over time. 

Surefire Ways to Determine the Level of Professional Indemnity Insurance You Need

Whether you are a professional or you run an organization that provides consultation to people and businesses, there is a good possibility that you know a thing or two about the importance of having professional indemnity insurance. However, what you might not know is the level of indemnity insurance you need?

Since the level of professional indemnity insurance, you opt for can have a significant effect on your business, you must do deep and extensive research before making a final decision. And even after deciding, it is still wise to consult experts in the insurance industry for advice.

If you can do this, chances are, you will pick the right level of insurance for your business. However, if you ignore this and opt for the cheapest one you found or just anyone, two things may happen. First, you may opt for a PI insurance that may not be able to cover you when being sued by a client. Second, you may opt for an overly expensive insurance package by accident.

To make an informed decision when choosing the level of professional indemnity insurance for your business, you are going to need all the help you can get. Read more here for more help:

The following article by iproinsure sheds light on some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the level of insurance you need for your business.

What level of professional indemnity insurance do I need?

Professional indemnity insurance can protect your business against a financial claim made against you by a client who believes they have suffered a loss due to poor service or bad advice. It can even cover the cost of your legal defense when you are accused of a mistake, you haven’t madeRead more here.

The above article has broadened your horizons and armed you with some critical factors to consider when choosing the level of professional indemnity insurance for your business. If you are a professional, freelancer, or you offer advice to businesses, and you don’t have professional indemnity insurance, then you should read the next article carefully.

The following article by Marsh shed light on some reasons why every professional should have Professional indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity

Professionals and professional service organizations perform in an environment of increased responsibility and accountability. If your organization, employee, or a party you may be legally or contractually responsible for, fails to exercise a competent degree of skill Read more here.

You likely now know some intricate things about professional indemnity insurance like the professionals that need to opt for it, the level of protection or coverage it offers, and a few other important things. If you need a detailed guide that contains basically everything you need to know about PI insurance, then the next article is for you.

The following article by Digitalrisks is basically a how-to guide to professional indemnity insurance.

A guide to professional indemnity insurance

If a client suffers – or claims to suffer – financial or reputational damage as a result of your advice, your business could face legal action. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself can be eye-watering. Read more here.

The above article has definitely armed you with some important things you need to know before opting for professional indemnity insurance. You also now know the answers to some frequently asked questions about professional indemnity insurance. Do well to consider your client base and a few other factors to accurately determine the level of protection you need.

Final note

Mistakes are inevitable in business. Even if you are super careful, there is a possibility that you may make a mistake that may negatively affect your client’s business. But if you have the right professional indemnity insurance level, your business will not suffer.

Even more, you may not need to spend your precious time trying to resolve the issue with your client. Your insurance company will do all the dirty work for you and help you resolve your issue.

As you likely now know, all business requires different levels of PII coverage. To determine the right one for your business, you have to consider the size of your client base and the contract you get from them. Also, you need to consider the amount of compensation you may have to pay if something goes wrong.

Explosive Reasons Why Every Professional in Singapore Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance

Do you know that a single mistake can cripple your business and put your professional career to an untimely end? If you are aware of the risks businesses and professionals face as they do their jobs, you will know why it is important to take proactive steps to protect your business.  

One of the easiest ways to do this is by having professional indemnity insurance. Presently, most of the top-notch professionals in Singapore making headlines and killing it in business have Professional Indemnity insurance.

The reason they opt for Professional Indemnity insurance isn’t because they aren’t confident in their skill or don’t know how to wow their clients, but it’s because they know that they can make a mistake that can affect their client’s business.

So, if you are a professional who is serious about success, then you should opt for professional indemnity insurance as soon as possible.

The following article by CGU will help you understand what PI insurance is all about.  

Professional indemnity insurance explained

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an important type of cover for a business; however, it is particularly relevant to those in professions that provide advice for a living. A professional can be anyone who “provides advice or services of a skillful character according to an established discipline”. Read more here.

The above article has certainly brought to light some reasons why PI insurance is super important, especially for professionals who are just starting out. The article has given you a clear picture of how much it will likely cost you to get PI insurance. Read the next article to learn what PI insurance can protect you against.

The following article by fsb explains how PI insurance can help protect your business and career.

What do you need to know about Professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is one of the many types of cover that is crucial for UK business service providers. So, how does the insurance protect a business, what companies might need it and when, and what should be considered to ensure what levels of cover are right? Read more here.

Surely, you now know a couple of things about PI insurance that you didn’t know before. You also now know some situations where PI insurance can help protect you and your business reputation. If you are still contemplating having PI insurance or are not really sure if it is for you, you are going to benefit from the next article.

The following article by iproinsure unveils some jaw-dropping benefits of having PI insurance

Why is professional indemnity insurance important?

Professional indemnity insurance can protect your business, and when your business is not only your baby but your livelihood, it makes sense to do just that. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) – or Professional Liability insurance as it is sometimes- Read more here.

 The above article has armed you with some important things you need to keep in mind before having PI insurance. The article has also brought to light some things that will determine the amount of coverage to opt for and some professionals in various industries that are required to have professional indemnity insurance.

Final note

Regardless of the size of your client base, it is wise that you have PI insurance as it can protect your business if you happen to make a mistake.

As a professional, you may be skeptical about having PI insurance either because you don’t know much about the benefits it offers or the cost of getting it. See; don’t allow these petty roadblocks to deter you from making one of the most important business decisions of your life.

If you are a professional, you should act right now and get PI insurance as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

Compelling Reasons Why Professional Indemnity Insurance is One of the Best Ways to Protect Your Reputation and Business

Singapore is indeed an oasis for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to delivering the best of services and satisfying the needs of their customers. One of the main reasons why Singapore is at the epicentre of business and commerce is this – it has a stable economy.

So, if you are professional looking to making a name for yourself in your industry, you are going to soar in Singapore. That being said, you need to bear in mind that your journey to the top isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. You are likely going to encounter a few challenges along the way. To scale through them, you are going to need professional indemnity insurance.

As you know, we are imperfect and may make a mistake or offer poor advice every now and then. Sometimes these mistakes may cost your clients thousands or even millions of dollars. When this happens, he is likely going to sue you. If you don’t have professional indemnity insurance when this happens, you are finished.

However, if you do, your reputation and that of your business will be protected. Read on to find out some compelling reasons why every professional in Singapore needs Professional Indemnity insurance here.

The following article by Travelers unveils some reasons professional indemnity insurance is important.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Travelers is one of the top names in professional indemnity insurance because of our industry-specific knowledge and market-leading approach to coverage. That’s why architects, lawyers, accountants, and professionals in many other fields that are required by their professional bodiesRead more here.

The above article is indeed a must-read for professionals in every industry, as it unveils some intriguing reasons why theymight need professional indemnity insurance, and how it can help them protect their business. If you know little or nothing about what professional indemnity insurance is all about, then you should read the next article carefully.

The following article by Choosi sheds light on some intricate things you need to know about professional indemnity insurance.

 What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance protects businesses and individuals who provide professional services to clients from the legal costs and claims for damages that may arise from an act, omission, or breach of duty in the course of their businessRead more here.

 You definitely now know a couple of things about professional indemnity insurance like what it covers and doesn’t cover and some five questions that can help you determine the level of protection needed for your profession. Still have questions? If yes, then you should read the next article, as it unveils the answers to some frequently asked questions about Professional indemnity insurance.

The following article by Policybazaar unveils the answers to some puzzling questions about Professional indemnity insurance.

What is professional liability/indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is a type of business insurance, typically for organizations that provide consultation or any professional services to its clients. Professional indemnity insurance covers claims made by the business in the case their clients have sued them for making them endure significantRead more here.

 The above article has satisfied your curiosity as it unveiled the answers to some questions about professional liability insurance that may likely have bothered you. If you aren’t clear with the answers in the article or have questions that weren’t answered in the article, then you should consider visiting any of the many companies in Singapore that offer PL insurance. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Final note            

Regardless of how experienced you are as a professional, it is critical that you have professional indemnity insurance, as you or someone in your team may make a costly mistake that may ruin your client’s business.

If you don’t have professional indemnity insurance when this happens, things are likely going to spiral out of control. In the end, your reputation and that of your business will be damaged.

The good news here is that, all this can be prevented. All you need to do is to visit any of the many reputable insurance companies in Singapore. They will help you narrow down the best insurance for your business.